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  • Unofficial Translation of Your Domestic Driver’s License

All Nationalities Are Eligible to Apply

Application Takes Just a Couple Minutes

All You Need is Your Driver’s License

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Confused About International Driver’s Licenses?
We’ll Explain it.

An International Driver’s License is a Booklet that Translates Your Domestic Driver’s License into Many Languages So That You to Rent Vehicles & Drive Legally Around the World.

The International Driver’s License Comes in 12 Languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, and Thai.

Have a Minute? Watch Our Video on the Benefits of Getting Your International Driver’s License

Save Yourself Stress and Money—
Get Your IDL & Ride Through Traffic Stops In Thailand

  • In Thailand, You Must Carry an International Driver’s License at All Times When Riding a Scooter.
  • Local Authorities Set Up Daily Check Points to Ticket Riders without an International Driver’s License.
  • 500 Baht Fine for Riding without an IDL Due the Moment You Are Pulled Over.
  • Even If You Are Only in Thailand for a Week—The Fines Can Add Up.
  • An International Driver’s License Helps You Confidently Talk to Thai Police and Avoid Hefty Fines.

“Worth the Money You Save in Fines”

Pricing for Every Kind of Traveler

Validity from 1-3 Years. Choose the Validity that Works Best for You.

Long Term

Fastest Delivery Options for Customers Already in Thailand

Print Yourself for FREE— **Fastest Option** We’ll Send You a High Quality, Approved PDF Version of Your International Driver’s License with Detailed Print Instructions. (Recommended Print Shops in Major Cities) 

2-Day Shipping for $5Receive Your International Driver’s License in Two Business Days. We’ll Send a Tracking Number As Soon As It Is Shipped.

2 Day Shipping

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Applicant Information

* To apply, all you need is your Domestic Driver’s License and Headshot. If you don’t have a photo, don’t worry! You can take one with the camera on your phone or computer.

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