Here are some common questions asked by our customers. If you don’t see an answer or are still confused about the International Driver’s License, contact us use our chat feature in the bottom right corner.

Any Nationality is Eligible to Apply. All you will need is a valid Driver’s License from your home country.

The application is simple and fast. All you need is your domestic driver’s license and a passport-type photo. If you do not have a photo– no problem. You can take a photo in front of a white wall with a cellphone.

The fastest way to get an ITA International Driver’s License is to select Urgent Processing when completing your application.  Urgent applications will be processed within 30 minutes and you will a digital PDF version of your documents.  Fastest Shipping Option would be Overnight (U.S only) or DHL (International 2-3/Days)

No. An International Driver’s License is not a standalone document. Remember, an International Driver’s License is a translation of your Domestic Driver’s License. Your Domestic Driver’s License must be present for both to be valid.

If you are traveling to a foreign country and plan to rent or drive vehicles, you will most likely need an International Driver’s License. Oftentimes, rental agencies require an International Driver’s License and if you do not have one– you will be unable to rent. Also, If you are pulled over in a foreign country– local authorities will most likely ask you to present your International Driver’s License and Your Domestic License.

The severity of not having an International Driver’s License differs from country to country. The main risks are not being able to rent vehicles and being fined by local police when you are pulled over in foreign country.

We highly recommended clarifying with the local embassy resource guide (often found online), before visiting a country where you plan to drive. Regardless of the legal mandates for that country, you are always better off with an IDL than without one.

We specialize in International Driver’s Licenses for people who are already abroad. Many people leave their home country without getting the necessary documents to rent vehicles on their vacation. Many of these people are denied by rental agencies or fined exorbitant amounts of money by local authorities for not having an International Driver’s License.

We provide an unofficial translation of your Domestic Driver’s License so that you can overcome these barriers on your vacation and enjoy the freedom to rent vehicles abroad. We don’t think you should miss out on renting and riding vehicles simply because you didn’t know or have the time to get an International Driver’s License before you left. We also want you to have the confidence and the paperwork necessary to deal with local police if and when you are pulled over in a foreign country.

The ITA International Driver’s License is an internationally accepted, unofficial translation of your Domestic Driver’s License that can be used in most countries that require one for driving. If you are unsure about a specific country, it is always best to look at the embassy website for their driving requirements. We also recommend reaching out to rental agencies ahead of time to ask for their driving requirements.

We service most countries in the world except from Japan and South Korea. If you are planning on traveling to Japan or South Korea or are already in Japan or South Korea, you will need to find another form of International Driver’s License.

No, your order will not include a Plastic Identification Card. An International Driver’s License is just a paper booklet with translations. It is not a plastic ID card. You do not need a plastic ID card and you will never be asked to produce this plastic ID card in a foreign country. You will be asked for you Domestic Driver’s License and the International Driver’s License Booklet, which we provide.

We are not a government agency and we do not issue government documents. We offer unofficial translations of your Domestic Driver’s License to help you communicate with local officials and rental agencies while you’re aboard.

You can apply with an expired license. Just take a photo of your license as you normally would and submit with your application. We do however highly recommend that you renew your license as soon as possible. We make no guarantee that rental agencies will accept an expired license with your International License.

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