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We’ll help you get your IDP in less than 12 hours so that you can drive legally in Cambodia and avoid paying hefty fines.

All Nationalities Are Eligible!

If you are traveling to Cambodia, you’ll need an International Driving Permit.

If you are renting a scooter, motorcycle, or car in Cambodia, you may be asked to show an International Driving Permit, also known as an International Driver’s License.

You also will most likely run into the local police who set up daily check points all around roads in Cambodia to pull over foreigners riding without an International Driving Permit. These fines are due the moment you are pulled over.

Even if you are only in town for a few days, these fines can add up!

Motorcycle and Three-Wheeler Class Included!

We are the #1 Solution for Traveler’s already abroad

The E-ITA specializes in Approved Digital International Driving Permit.

When you order, we’ll send an Internationally Verified and Approved Digital PDF along with detailed instructions on how to print yourself at any print shop in Cambodia.

• Approved Digital IDP •

• All Nationalities Eligible •

• Accepted Worldwide •

• 12 Hour Processing •


We offer validity from 1-3 years. Pick the validity that works best for you.

Long Term

12 Translations

Including Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German, and Spanish.

Fast and Affordable

You’ll receive your IDP within 12 hours of applying so you can immediately get on the road and enjoy your trip in Cambodia.

Unique IDP number

Each booklet has unique IDP number for account lookup and verification.

International Driving Permit

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* To apply, all you need is your Domestic Driver’s License and Headshot. If you don’t have a photo, don’t worry! You can take one with the camera on your phone or computer.

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