How to Print Your International Driver’s License

Many of our customers are already abroad and have found themselves in need of an International License. If this is you, we’ve got you covered! When you receive your Electronic International Driver’s License within 12 hours of purchase, you can immediately take this file to a local print shop and have your IDL printed.

Here’s how you do it!

1. Sizing

The IDL Booklet should be printed on A5 sized paper that will be folded in half to create an A6 sized booklet. For reference, A5 paper is about the same size a sheet of computer paper cut in half.

If a print shop does not have A5 paper, ask if they have A4 paper and can cut the paper in half to make A5 paper to print your booklet.

2. Print Settings

When you go to print the IDL Booklet, you will use the PDF version that we set you, NOT the scanned version. In order for the booklet to print correctly, you must check the box in the print setting called “Booklet”. This automatically formats the document to print with side by side pages, two IDL pages per printed side, so that you will be able to fold the printed pages into a booklet.

Also make sure to change the print settings to A5 Paper to match the paper size. A print shop should be able to help you with these settings.

3. Paper Type

International License Booklets should be printing on thick text paper. You want paper is thicker and more durable than regular computer paper but still flexible and compact.

You can ask to see the paper options at the print shop. Choose the paper that is slightly thicker than computer paper with a matte finish. No need to overthink it! Any paper will do just fine.

4. Color

The back page of your IDL Booklet has a passport sized photo of you so make sure the booklet is printed in color.

5. Binding

The print shop will ask how you want your booklet bound and the answer is Saddle Stitching! Saddle stitching is a fancy way of saying, two staples on the spine of the booklet.

The print shop will usually have images on the wall of their binding options which will be especially helpful if you do not speak the local language. If not, show them these diagrams here.

That’s it!
Enjoy the comfort of knowing you can drive legally around the world.

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